Welcome to our Mythic Science Fiction Game!

This is the front page of our campaign and will be where I will be scheduling games, making write ups for sessions, and all general information about our game. Seeing as we have yet to have session1 I’ll keep this brief and only cover what we have discussed character wise. You can all reach me here or on our roll20 facebook chat.


XIV (Austin) – The Engineer. When something needs built? Hes got it. Fixed? Got it. Solutions? His bread and butter. His sharp mind and experienced hands not only maintain and improve the ship, he also contributes a great deal of combat expertise as well. Being able to manage a battle like no other.

Unamed (Cameron) – A kitsune medic that is all about knowledge on the field of battle. With unrivaled quickness/agility and an intense focus on knowing where everything and everyone is at in a combat situation he can reach someone in need of medical care with the utmost speed and efficiency.

Unamed (Derek) – The Gunslinger. One of the stranger creatures in the galaxy he resembles a squid-like being. Standing on two legs and wielding four guns (one in each hand. oh yeah.) he is a force to be reckoned with in a firefight. Easily the fastest hand on the ship.

Barrow Winters (Nick) – Ex-Fighter pilot gone freelance. Crews a ship with the gunslinger and the engineer. Good with a flight stick and a blaster. Struggles with crippling addiction to the need— The need for speed. Also alcoholism.

Unamed (Robert) – The Aegis Arm (if that is still the plan). An “enthusiastic” scientist with a penchant for the strange.

Mythic Sci-Fi

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