Barrow Winters

"Faster goddammit, why wont this thing go faster?"



STRENGTH: Below Average
AGILITY: Average
REFLEX: Above Average
INTUITION: Above Average
WILLPOWER: Below Average
(43 pts.)


Piloting (frigate). High
Speech. Above Average
One handed gun-fighting. Average
Astro-Navigation. Average
Mixology. Weak
(37 pts.)




Adrenaline Junkie: When presented with an opportunity to “add flare” to a piloting maneuver (which is quite often) he must make a check in order to not up the difficulty of said manuever by one rank. (-5pts)

Frail Frame. Due to his very slender body he takes a -1RS to his strength when attempting to lift, move, or do any form of heavy labor. (-10pts)

Favor Points



Life In The Fast Lane

Barrow Winters was born to a professional racer. His life could be defined by that birth, but it is not. He was the sole child to none other than the galactically famous Judith Winters. Never knowing his father, and taking after his mother’s love for speed Barrow naturally fell into the role of a racer. Working his way up in the youth ladders Winters eventually found himself face to face with a sponsorship from Kaa’d Sec Motors at the age of 15.

Unfortunately it was never to be. Winters mother had accrued a large sum of debt with the Inigawa-Kai. The most ruthless crime syndicate in the delta sector. In order to clear her debts she agreed to throw the final race in the grand finale of the Ion Cup. Unfortunately for her, she made it look too obvious. Fans everywhere were furious as were the Inigawa-Kai for bringing far too much attention to them then necessary. From that point on Judith and Barrow Winters were on the run. Everywhere they went not only having to worry about harassing fans, but the far deadlier agents of the Kai.

After 3 years of running the two found peace and quiet on a remote mining colony stationed in the Ab’Xian Nebula, though it was a very difficult life. Winters was forced to work as a caravan driver bringing supplies to and from the colony whenever needed in order to help support his mother. The thrill of speed was gone, but over time he accepted it and a new sense of purpose started growing inside of him. He was a commercial pilot, the burning love for sharp turns and reversed thrusters evening out into a calm understanding of how to fly with precision and intensity. Sure, not exactly what he was dreaming of as a child, but ask anyone that knows Barrow Winters — he certainly has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Barrow Winters

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