Xaplides Augron Lok


Strength: Average

Agility: Average

Reflex: High

IQ: Above Average

Intuition: Weak

Willpower: Low

Toughness: Average


Small Arms: Above Average

Lockpick: Average

Computer Security: Average


Xaplides Augron Lok, former soldier, veteran of the Samali war and the Faryaff conflict. (Ex) Second Lietenant Xaplides (or Xap for short) and the other officers and soldiers of the 35th infantry were instrumental in the placement and release of the virus that heralded the end of the Samali war. All surviving members of the 35th infantry were subsequently court martialed, found guilty of war crimes and spread thin over the various prisons in their native Aklonian space.

Stripped of honour and rank, rotting away in a dungeon cell dug into some backwater asteroid, Xaplides

Xaplides Augron Lok

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