Mythic Sci-Fi

The Sad State of Things

XIV's ship rundown

Assessor’s notes: Yeah sure, make the mechanic write up the report. Yall know I ain’t too good with words, but here goes…

Long story short, this ship is borked. It needs a pretty thorough overhaul (which I can do, if’n yall get some dough in my pocket). I estimated the ship out at 58-ish meters in length. We got plenty of room for additional crew or cargo, as long as they stay out of the engine room and the workshop I sent up in the aft. That’s my territory.

Aight, nuts and bolts… Engines fire well, it’ll fly for now. But these Hall effect thrusters are somewhat dated. I wouldn’t mind replacing the inner magnetic coils and rebooting the magnetic circuit, but that will also take some cash. Ideally I want to upgrade to some of those newfangled electrodeless plasma thrusters, then we wouldn’t have to worry about any eventual grid erosion… But that’s a project I’ll hold onto in my back pocket.

Weaponry is basically nonexistant. I’m not sure who got ahold of this vessel, but it’s obviously military in origin, which means I don’t want to know HOW we got it, neither. Not something I want to become a problem of mine. We have a lot of hardpoints, little doohickeys where we can strap down some heavy weapons, but as far as what’s currently installed, just some broken ass lasers. I can’t tell if they need to be replaced or recalibrated. I know the focusing crystals are pretty easy to knock awry, but I won’t know until I start poking around in there.

Now as far as I can tell, alls we need is a name for the ship and a few fresh coats of blue paint. Too bad we only got $280 in the safe, eh? My guess is we’ll be spending all that on the xenon gas that powers the engine… Damn spendy stuff. But maybe once we bump it into the thous’, eh?

Crew of The _______

Military Line-Runner (Below Average Condition)
Weapons attached to hardpoints: Broken Military Grade Laser
60m length
Ion Engines



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